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Celebrating 20 Years of Philanthropy in SEK

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! To kick off the festivities, we’re publishing a special-edition newsletter that you can read by clicking the button below. In this issue, you’ll find: A celebration of our founding at 20 years. Excerpts from past newsletters, annual reports, and brochures, including how … Continue reading →

The Winter 2020 Newsletter Has Arrived!

The winter 2020 Charitable Connection has arrived! Here’s what you’ll find inside: Our Match Day 2020 results. (Spoiler: It’s good news!) A plan that could help Southeast Kansas forever. An introduction to our newest funds. A thank-you to our 2020 Board of Trustees. We hope you’ll check it out! Hey! Want to get our newsletter … Continue reading →

Welcome to the 2020 Grant Celebration!

A unique year brings a unique celebration. Normally around this time of year we hold our annual Grant Celebration, a one-night event to recognize all the good works being done in Southeast Kansas by non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and government entities that received CFSEK grants during the year. This year, we’ve replaced our normal in-person … Continue reading →

Our Summer 2020 Newsletter is Here!

The summer 2020 CFSEK newsletter has arrived, sporting a new design, a classic title, and the latest news about the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas! In this issue, you’ll find: A memorial tribute to our late friend Rita J. Bicknell Current SEK grant opportunities Stories of organizations that have made a difference in SEK during … Continue reading →

Our Winter 2019 Newsletter Has Arrived!

The CFSEK Winter 2019 Newsletter is now available! What you’ll find in this issue: Exciting news about our Match Day 2019 results! A quick recap of our Grant Celebration 2019. A list of all the organizations that received a grant in 2019 from the CFSEK General Fund, Future Fund Giving Circle, Rita J. Bicknell Women’s Health Fund … Continue reading →