Rita J Bicknell Women’s Health Fund

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The Rita J Bicknell Women's Health Endowed Fund is a giving circle whose members contribute $2000 annually. Each year members of the Women's Health Fund Giving Circle review grant applications and approve funds for programs fulfilling the Fund’s mission. Since 2007 over $140,000 has funded grants for women. Additional information on this endowed fund is available to potential members by contacting the Foundation office: 620.231.8897


Women’s Health Fund Mission Statement

To improve the health and well-being of women by supporting education, increasing awareness and sharing quality of life opportunities to benefit all women.

2017 Grant Recipients

Angels Among Us Inc.: Financial Needs of cancer patients will assist cancer patients, primarily women, with various financial needs, wigs, turbans, air conditioners, fans, space heaters, etc., throughout their treatment process.  

Community Health Center of SEK, Inc.: Get Tested! Get Cured! Will provide screening to 150 ‘Baby Boomer’ women in Crawford and Cherokee counties for Hepatitis C.  

Hannah’s Promise Pregnancy Life Center: Transportation for Education, Employment, and Improved Health Services will go to the purchase of reliable transportation for the center. 

Mount Carmel Foundation: Women’s Clinic Experience Improvement Project is to purchase a state of the art Colposcope. 


2016 Grant Recipients

Angels Among Us Inc.: Care for Women- To purchase wigs, turbans and wig liners for women whose cancer treatments results in hair loss     

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas: Eye Care II for Women so low-income sight-impaired women can receive vision testing and glasses.     

Families and Children Together Inc.: Smiles of Hope for Women will fund denture and denture related dental needs for women receiving mental health services.     

Special Olympics Kansas (New Hope of Pittsburg): Women’s Fitness Club will purchase 3 Life Fitness Commercial Grade Recumbent Bikes   

2015 Grant Recipients

Angels Among Us Inc.:  Care for Women- Purchase wigs, wig liners and turbans for women whose cancer treatment results in hair loss

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas:  Healthy Heart, Healthy Baby- Purchase a fetal heart monitor and cart to ensure safely progressing pregnancies

Horses of Hope Riding Center:  Health Spirits Equal Healthy Communities-Phase 2- Serve caregivers of children with disabilities, Safe House, and Safe House professional staff  

2014 Grant Recipients

Angels Among Us:  Purchase wigs for women whose cancer treatment results in hair loss.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas:  Purchase two continuous glucose monitors.

Labette County Medical Center:  Implement breast health and osteoporosis learning center.

Mount Carmel Foundation, Inc.:  Provide turbans and bras for cancer patients.

2013 Grant Recipients

Horses of Hope Therapeutic Riding Center:   Horses of Hope will conduct five “Spirit Horse” sessions with thee targeted groups of area women who are at increased risk for anxiety and depression to promote healthy minds which in turn build healthy families and communities.

Community Health Center of SEKS:    “An Ounce of Prevention” The funds will be used to increase awareness of the risk of shingles (especially in women who are at greater risk for developing them) and to help purchase Zostavax for low income women.

Mt Carmel Foundation:   “Post-Surgery Camisoles” The grant funds will purchase post-surgery camisoles for mastectomy patients.

Angels Among Us:   “More Angel Café”  Funds will purchase chairs for the operation of the Angel Café at the Crawford County Fair.  This café is a primary fundraiser for the organization so they can serve cancer patients throughout the year.  Funds were also granted to aid with additional women’s’ needs.

Labette Health:  “Labette County Breast Pump Loaner Program”  Funds are used to expand the current breast pump loaner program initiated in 2012 by RJB Women’s Fund and Labette Health.

Vie Medical Clinic:  “Initiating HIV Testing” Funds will cover costs for supplies and lab fees for women needing HIV testing


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