Each year the Foundation offers three major granting cycles for 501c3 organizations, churches, schools and government entities. The Rita J. Bicknell Women's Health Fund Giving Circle grants are offered in the spring, CFSEK General Fund grants for the areas of Basic Human Needs, Youth Activities and Arts & Culture are accepted in the summer and Future Fund Giving Circle applications are available in late summer. 

Additionally, the CFSEK assists the Get Busy Livin' Foundation with a grant opportunity specifically for Youth Volunteerism in the southeast Kansas area. These grants are typically awarded in early spring.

The Elm Acres Foundation also awards grants for programs and projects to address At-Risk Youth in Crawford and Cherokee counties in the spring.

The grant recipients are recognized at the Foundation's annual Grant Celebration held each November during National Community Foundations week.

Additionally, the Foundation will offer oportunities for grant writers to hone their skills by attending workshops facilitated by experienced grant writers in our area. Consult the website and our blog for grant season dates.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding grants at the CFSEK. Please feel free to contact us.

States across the country are experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2020 in Kansas alone the transfer of wealth is estimated to be $79 billion, and will increase to $598 billion by 2064.

Many people designate their entire estate to their children. Since more people leave the communities where they were raised much of the inherited wealth leave, too. The Keep 5 in Kansas campaign promotes capturing 5% of the estate wealth which could be up to $4 billion going back to communities.