For Grantseekers

Each year, the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas and some of our organization funds grant thousands of dollars to organizations in the southeast Kansas region for projects in arts and culture, human needs, children and youth activities, youth volunteerism, at-risk youth, and women's health through competitive grant-application processes.

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas has several options for agencies and organizations that are looking for grant funding. Agencies can apply for funds during the following grant cycles:

  • The CFSEK General Fund grants for the areas of basic human needs, youth activities, and arts and culture. Applications are accepted in the summer.
  • The Future Fund Giving Circle makes grants possible for non-profit agencies and organizations, schools, and religious or governmental organizations within Crawford County, Kansas. Applications are available in late summer.
  • The Rita J. Bicknell Women's Health Fund Women's Giving Circle provides grants to improve the health and well-being of women by supporting education, increasing awareness, and sharing qualify-of-life opportunities to benefit all women. Grants are offered in the spring.
  • The Elm Acres Foundation awards grants for programs that address the needs of at-risk youth in Crawford and Cherokee Counties. Grants are available in the spring.
  • The Dylan Meier Get Busy Livin' Foundation offers a grant opportunity specifically for youth volunteerism in the southeast Kansas region. These grants are typically awarded in the spring.


Additionally, the Foundation frequently hosts opportunities for grant writers to hone their skills by attending workshops led by experienced local grant writers. Keep an eye on our website and blog for more information.

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