Pam Phalen, Marty Beezley, Connie Kays, Dr. Talaat Yaghmour, Wilda Pentola, Sharon Dean, Chris Ward, Ron Marrone, Douglas Stuckey, Joe Hart, Montie Taylor, Gordon Elliott, Ron Rhodes, Wendell Wilkinson.
Board members not pictured:
Cindy Bedene, Todd Coleman, Vicki Dennett, Jim Hoskins, David Martin, Kevin Mitchelson, Lynette Olson, Diana Polston, and Judy Spigarelli



Board of Trustees 2017


Kevin Mitchelson, President

Ron Rhodes, Vice President

Chris Ward, Secretary

Douglas Stuckey, Treasurer

Marty Beezley

Todd Coleman

Sharon Dean

Vicki Dennett

Linda Grilz

Dr. Paul Grimes

Joe Hart

Connie Kays

Rob Lessen

Ron Marrone

David Martin

Wilda Pentola

Pam Phalen

Diana Polston

Mark Schifferdecker

Judy Spigarelli

Montie Taylor

Wendell Wilkinson

Dr. Talaat Yaghmour



States across the country are experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2020 in Kansas alone the transfer of wealth is estimated to be $79 billion, and will increase to $598 billion by 2064.

Many people designate their entire estate to their children. Since more people leave the communities where they were raised much of the inherited wealth leave, too. The Keep 5 in Kansas campaign promotes capturing 5% of the estate wealth which could be up to $4 billion going back to communities.