About the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas

Welcome to the Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas! We help our donors establish long-term charitable funds, using the best tax-advantages, to benefit their causes and our community.

Founded in 2001 by a group of citizens interested in encouraging philanthropy and strengthening communities, the Community Foundation has awarded over nearly $8 million in grants through its donor advised, unrestricted, designated, field-of-interest, scholarship, and organizational endowment funds. It is one of more than 700 community foundations in the country and is a member of the Council on Foundations and the Kansas Association of Community Foundations.

States across the country are experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2025 in Kansas alone the transfer of wealth is estimated to be $67 billion, and will increase to $1.16 trillion by 2070.

Many people designate their entire estate to their children. As more people leave the communities where they were raised, much of the inherited wealth leaves, too. The Keep 5 in Kansas campaign aims to capture 5% of the estate wealth, which could give back $58 billion to Kansas communities over the next 50 years.