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Bill House Hereford Foundation Scholarship Fund application

Commerce Bank – Pittsburg, KS

Craig Crespino Memorial Scholarship

Daniel & Jeannette Minnis Oral Health Scholarship

Ft. Scott Community College Lee & Noretta Caldwell  Education Fund

Get Busy Livin’ Scholarship

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Joe & Margarita Sauer Scholarship

Neosho County Community College Lee & Noretta Caldwell  Education Fund

Pat Forbes Scholarship

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Vinylplex, Inc.

William Lehman American History Scholarship


2017 Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas Scholarship Recipients

M. Lee and Noretta Caldwell Scholarship                            

Trenton Allison – Christian Learning Center                         

Shelby Hutchison – Fort Scott Community College                           

Dakota Lamb – Fort Scott Community College                    

Joshua Leistikow – Erie High School                                        

Lindsey Robertson – Erie High School

Commerce Bank Scholarship                                  

Austin Lindsey – St. Mary’s Colgan

Coral VanBecelaere – Pittsburg High School

Craig Crespino Scholarship                                

Dominic Piccini – St. Mary’s Colgan                     

Eric Wilson – Girard High School

Dylan Meier Get Busy Livin’ Scholarship

Kelli Cuthbertson – Girard High School

Lauren Eagon – Frontenac High School

Lindsey Fox – Northeast High School *

Margaret Murray – Frontenac High School *

Trina Paul – Pittsburg High School *

Eric Wilson – Girard High School

*Chosen to receive Get Busy Livin’ Volunteer Abroad

Dylan Meier Get Busy Livin’ Dragon Award

Elijah Harris – Pittsburg High School

Pat Forbes Scholarship 

Bethany Elder – St. Mary’s Colgan

Tyler Jeck Scholarship

Alex Brown – St. Mary’s Colgan

Dr. Daniel & Jeannette Minnis Oral Health Scholarship

John Allen – Pittsburg State University  

Short Family Fine Arts Scholarship

Andrew Ortolani – Pittsburg High School

Lydia Winters – Pittsburg High School

States across the country are experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth as estates change hands from one generation to the next. By 2020 in Kansas alone the transfer of wealth is estimated to be $79 billion, and will increase to $598 billion by 2064.

Many people designate their entire estate to their children. Since more people leave the communities where they were raised much of the inherited wealth leave, too. The Keep 5 in Kansas campaign promotes capturing 5% of the estate wealth which could be up to $4 billion going back to communities.