For Grantseekers

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas along with some of our organization funds grant thousands of dollars to organizations in the southeast Kansas region for projects in arts and culture, human needs, children and youth activities, youth volunteerism, at-risk youth, and women's health through competitive grant application processes annually.  

The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas has several options for agencies and organizations who are looking for grant funding. Agencies can apply for funds from the following grant cycles: CFSEK General Grant Cycle, Rita J Bicknell Women’s Health Fund, Future Fund, GBL Youth Volunteerism, and the Elm Acres Foundation.  Each cycle has its own deadlines, timelines and specific focus areas. Please visit each page for specific details. If you are interested in being notified of an open grant cycle, please sign up for our grant notification emails here.

Whether you're a potential donor, a professional advisor, a local nonprofit director, or someone who's simply concerned about the future of Kansas, connecting with your local community foundation is the first step toward a better tomorrow for your community