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iSEK, I’m a Child of Southeast Kansas, is about telling the region’s stories and celebrating our shared history. Whether you were born here and your family has a deep rooted history in Southeast Kansas or you have moved here recently, but now call Southeast Kansas your home. We all share a sense of pride in what it means to be a Southeast Kansan.

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The Community Foundation is working hard to ensure the way of life so many of us enjoy remains an option for the next generation. By cultivating philanthropy, we are sustaining and improving the way of life in this region.

We have begun with a few stories of individuals who consider Southeast Kansas their home. It is now time to hear from you. Why are you a child of Southeast Kansas? What does it mean to you to call this corner of the state your home?



Whether you're a potential donor, a professional advisor, a local nonprofit director, or someone who's simply concerned about the future of Kansas, connecting with your local community foundation is the first step toward a better tomorrow for your community